About Our Company

Your Solution Partner in Turkey

Geoilgas – Oğul Danismanlik is a logistics and consultancy company headquartered in Diyarbakır, established in 2006.
Founders of the company have almost 20 years experience of collaborating with international companies that specialize in geophysics.

Geoilgas specializes in various fields including oil, natural gas, geothermal exploration (geological – geophysics) and possess a wealth of professional employees and extensive knowledge in the field.

At first, the company focused on sourcing experienced workforce and technical staff to work in international firms, then diversified its services rapidly to accommodate for certain projects in Turkey and abroad.
In such a short period of time, the company gained reputation among business partners they have collaborated with and were praised greatly for their exceptional services.

Having been involved in all aspects of projects, from the tender process, to planning, field operations to finalization, the company became an indispensable part of all projects launched by its business partners.
During the execution phrase of the projects, the company offered logistic and technical solutions to unforeseeable issues, and relieved partners of any stifling situations and helped finalize projects successfully.
Geoilgas is familiar with professional international companies’ working principles. The company not only has their own established QHSE standards, but it also complies with other companies’ QHSE standards.
Geoilgas service policy is based on the “zero work injury – zero loss” principle.

Since the day it was founded, Geoilgas has collaborated with several international compa- nies, including Schlumberger, Geosolution Italy and Ankara Offices, Fugro, CGG, Schlumberg- er Oilfield Paris Office, Shell, GES and Çalık Enerji, and over 12 other high-end companies.


Geoilgas completed the toughest projects successfully executed in the most unfavourable areas. Our success has been appreciated internationally and even though we are based in Turkey, we have been attracting several companies from abroad and Goilgas has been such companies’ preferred business partner. Our current agenda includes several ongoing projects around the world.

Some of the projects we have executed from scratch including sourcing personnel:

  • In the geophysics (Natural gas exploration ) field, 2190 km 2D seismic data collection
  • In the oil exploration field, 1630 km 2d 1640 km2 3D seismic data collection
  • In the geothermal exploration field MT data collection in over 5000 locations
  • In Armenia, data collation in over 350 MT locations over 3500 meters
  • In Armenia data collection in 390 Gravity points
  • In Turkey data collection in 1585 gravity points